This map allows business to explore opportunities in a holistic way by looking into different possibilities within the service ecology, it guides you to expand your mindset into all aspects that can exist in a service.

There are three main parts in the map, the center area is where you put down your initial service and beneficiary, the left side (orange) contains terms related to intangible service deliveries, and the right side (blue) contains terms related to tangible service deliveries. The lines lead you through the terms following a defined hierarchy. At the end of the section, there will be one idea generated by each path followed.

1) Define what will be the Service and the Beneficiary. Write down the decided service and the beneficiary in the middle area.

2) Decide if the opportunity will be tangible or intangible.

3) Decide the second term’s layer for this opportunity. Could Be movable/immovable for Tangibles and separable/inseparable for Intangibles.

4) Decide the third layer of terms, could be Dependent/Independent for Tangible opportunities and Simultaneous/Not simultaneous for Intangible opportunities.

5) Decide the last layers of terms, closing between Independent/Dependent and Perishable/Non Perishable for any opportunity generated.

6) Record your opportunity on the answer sheet, describing the opportunity using all the terms that were chosen for this case.

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