Starting March 29th, 2016 at 2:00pm in the Gulfstream Center for Design in Savannah, Georgia, five students came together to partake in the Spring 2016 class, IACT 370 “Information Architecture”

The goal of the class was to understand how information is organized. How to better comprehend how information can be organized to then use it in powerful ways.

In this class the way we decided to focus on was how to use this newly sorted information to create new opportunities and more efficient and sustainable services. It is common in the Service Design field to use tools such as maps to organize thoughts, information, and discover new opportunities for innovation. The class desired to create one of these tools.

The result would be a multi-function tool to map existing services, identify opportunities, and be a platform for future growth. Students then embarked on reading a variety of educational papers to better understand how information has been architectured and is being architectured. From this, students worked for 10 weeks and with the help of a professor and other students from outside the class to create COSMO, or the Collaborative Services Map of Opportunities.

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